Staking Fcc

What is staking?

Staking is a way of earning rewards for holding certain cryptocurrencies.

Think of staking like a supercharged crypto-based interest account.

By staking your original crypto (Fcc), you can start earning rewards proportionally to the staked amount, doing no extra work. Beyond the potential appreciation in price of the staked asset, you will also passively earn staking rewards.

Why is that? Staking crypto also benefits web3 protocols in terms of security and being able to provide valuable work, such as confirming transactions, heavy computation or storing data. As a result, you share in the revenue of the protocol and any additional token rewards.

How to stake Fcc Coins?

*Make sure you have some MATIC coin in your wallet for gas fee.

1.)Using your Trustwallet or metamask wallet browser, Go to the website:

Stake fcc earn fcc website:

Stake fcc earn dquick:

2.)Click on connect wallet

click the wallet you use.

wait for transaction pop up and confirm

3.) when you are connected click participate

4.) Click Enable token if its your first time to stake.

wait for pop up transaction and confirm

5.) enter the amount you wanted to stake.

6.)select 12 months for 1 years lock staking for highest APR

7.) click Stake, wait for pop up transaction and confirm

8.) here is your successful stake records

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